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  • KKHost.Net: Very IMPORTANT announcement, please read!

    September 14, 2006 by Michael Foo
  • Dear Valued Customers,

    We have a few very important announcements to be made. I hope you can spare us a few minutes of your precious time to read this email.

    Quick Summary

    - Tan Whei Meng the new Chief System Administrator

    - Steven J. Downes resigned

    - New sysadmins joining us soon

    - Migration to new datacenter: Equinix

    - New Network Information provided below

    - New Server Specifications: Dell Poweredge 1950

    - Migration to new server, details below

    - Free account upgrade, COMING SOON!

    - New server in Singapore, COMING SOON!

    New Chief System Administrator

    I am proud to inform you that Tan Whei Meng has been promoted to be our CSA. I am sure those of you who have submitted technical support tickets to us will find that name familiar to you. He was our System Administrator who was quite active (and he is still) in our trouble ticket system. Besides having the skills and experience in server management, he has the patience in handling our customers’ enquiries. Together with the promotion of Whei Meng, Steven J. Downes, who was our CSA since 9th August 2004 has officially resigned from KKHost. It may be a big surprise to all of you but let me assure you that Whei Meng is even more capable of holding this position. When it comes to server management, we have so many things automated around here, there is plenty of time for our sysadmins to sleep, but he was the one constantly improving things and coding to automate tasks in the past! :)

    Currently Recruiting Sysadmins

    We will be recruiting new system administrators to assist Whei Meng. I regret for unable to confirm a date on when our new system administrators will officially join us because we only choose the best sysadmins to handle our servers. However, I can confirm that they will be here as soon as possible, because I am currently working in the morning shift (GMT+8) while Whei Meng the night shift to monitor our servers. This is only a temporary solution until we get at least one sysadmin in the United States to work on our servers.

    Migration To New Datacenter

    Since Steven is now no longer part of KKHost, we no longer have a representative to maintain our physical servers in The One Whilshire Building, LA. In other words, we will be ditching our servers in the LA and move to another new datacenter for maximum hardware reliability. However, this does not mean that there will be a degrade in our web hosting quality. We will be moving to Equinix IBX in Ashburn, Virginia, a US$87 million state-of-the-art IDC. Let us meet our new neighbours:, Microsoft,, IBM, Yahoo, and General Electric!

    New Network Information

    We are connected via AT&T, Tiscali, Savvis, Level 3, Global Crossing and BTN Access. The number of routers to reach our servers remains unchanged: 13 from Malaysia, 9 from Singapore. For your information, that is the least number of hops possible to reach a US server from this region.

    New Server Specifications

    We will be using a new Dell Poweredge 1950 server. It worths more than US$8k (the advertised price is the price for the minimum specifications) with the following specifications:

    Dual power supplies
    2 x Dual Core Intel Xeon 3.0Ghz processors
    4 x 2GB DDR2 ECC REG RAM
    2 x 146GB SAS Drives

    Migration To New Server

    In the next 12 hours, Whei Meng and I will start transferring our customers on Earth server (Linux Shared Hosting) to the new server. If it is a smooth transfer, we will be transferring our customers on Jupiter server (Linux Reseller Hosting) to the new server on the 30th September 2006. By combining these customers together, we are able to manage our servers easier. It does not mean that we are trying to cut down cost by maximising the load on our servers, because theoretically, the new server is capable of handling at least 2.5 times the load of our individual server now. Dual Core processors and large amount of RAM do make a big difference!

    Linux Shared Hosting customers please check your web sites on Monday (18th September 2006) and report to me at if you find anything missing. Please note that we will also use temporary passwords during the transfer. We will email the new passwords to you, one by one after the transfer.

    Linux Reseller Hosting customers please wait for my email with further instructions. I will email you individually by 24th September 2006.

    Thank You for Your Continuous Support

    We always appreciate your continuous support. Let me promise you that immediately after everything is back on its track, we will show our gratitude by upgrading your Linux shared hosting account, for FREE! I can promise you that if you give us a little bit of patience, we will ensure your account will be upgraded without sacrificing its reliability – We learn the mistakes made by many hosting providers and we WILL NOT oversell our services. Providing reliable hosting service is always our 1st policy.

    New Singapore Server

    We’ll be starting a server in Singapore very soon. Please wait for our good news!

    On behalf of the KK Host Network team, I wish to thank ALL our customers for being understanding and supportive. Without you, it is impossible for KKHost to be one of the most reputable hosting providers in this region. My sincere apologies for any inconveniences caused during this migration as this is the first large scale migration in our history. I do hope this will be the last migration, although it may not be possible if we want to improve our service quality from time to time. However, I will ensure all the migration done by KKHost will be ZERO hassle to our customers.

    In the coming one month, our customer service may be delayed because we will be focusing on the migration. We hope it will not cause too much of inconveniences to you because we have limited man power – due to customer privacy reasons, only Whei Meng and I will be working on the migration. I will try to get our COO, Eyung Lim to help us as well. I can promise you that no one other than the three of us will have the privilege to access to your data.

    Thank you once again!

    Michael Foo
    KKHost.Net Founder & Chief Executive Officer
    KK Host Network (1458953-U)

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