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  • KKHost.Net Earth Server Upgrade!

    September 6, 2006 by Michael Foo
  • Dear Valued Customers,
    Good news to all Linux Shared Hosting customers! We are upgrading Earth server soon!

    For your information, the Earth server has been running since 9th August 2006. It has achieved a 11 months consecutive 100% uptime, having 99.988% of average uptime since the first day until now. It did not experience much major downtime as the most extended downtime was recorded at 20 minutes, which was caused by network outage.

    We find it is the time for us to ditch the Earth server and upgrade to the following new server:
    Dual AMD Opteron 270 (Dual Core) 4 x 2.0Ghz
    4 x 250GB SATA Drives with hardware RAID1
    2 x 550w hotswappable redundant power supply unit

    Why do we upgrade to Dual Opteron this time but not Dual Xeon? For your information, our Jupiter Server (Reseller server) is the first AMD Opteron server in our history. We are very satisfied with its performance and in my very honest opinion (and my sysadmins'), it beats Dual Xeon.

    Do you need to worry during the upgrade? NO! Leave the hassle to us. We will ensure a smooth migration by running the new server and Earth server together during the Dynamic Name Server propagation to reduce downtime to the minimum -- we expect it to be within minutes.

    Since we own the hardware, the Earth server will be sold to another hosting company in the States and continue to serve as a webserver. Let us hope that the new server will be even more reliable and break the uptime record of Earth server!

    Thank you very much for your continuous support. I will make another official announcement when everyone is on the new server.

    Michael Foo
    KKHost.Net Founder & Chief Executive Officer
    KK Host Network (1458953-U)

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