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  • IMPORTANT: KKHost.Net Enterprise Server Downtime

    August 8, 2008 by Michael Foo
  • Dear Valued Customers,

                    We regret to inform you that our US Linux shared hosting customers hosted under the Enterprise server have experienced an outage since approximately 6.10am today.

                    For your information, one of our hosted customers received a severe Spamcop complaint early this morning. Unfortunately, our network upstream provider at the Colo4Dallas Datacenter did not contact me to resolve this complaint with them. Instead, our Shared IP was null routed at router level hence caused a massive downtime to all our hosted customers.

                    At around 12pm, we have fully restored our customers’ websites on our backup server and bypassed the traffic from Enterprise to this backup server. All customers should expect full operation of their hosting accounts at this moment.

                    For your information again, we are still waiting for the Management of our network upstream provider to get back to us with regards to the null route of our IP. The Management is only available during the US daytime hence at this moment our IP is left null routed with them. Without this alternative plan of restoring operation on backup server, we believe the downtime could be even extended until the US morning.

                    We have decided to cease service contract with this network upstream provider, regardless of any clarification/apologies made by them due to the following reasons:

    i.                     We believe Spamcop Complaints should not be too severe to receive an instant null route of IP

    ii.                   We believe the operations of Technical Support Department of a network upstream provider should not rely solely on the decision of the Management – Although our network upstream provider has a Technical Support Department which operates 24x7, but the decision to lift up the null routed IP is only with the Management which does not work 24x7.

    iii.                  We believe the incompetence of our network upstream provider, should not be tolerated.

    Meanwhile, we have already negotiated a deal with another network upstream provider within Colo4dallas Datacenter during the service outage of our Enterprise server. Our new network upstream provider is able to promise a more lenient procedure in handling such complaints and is able to assure us that minor issues like Spamcop Complaints will not result in an immediate null route of server IP.

    Please be informed that we will arrange a migration to the new network upstream provider tonight at 10pm GMT+8 (8th August 2008). Our Enterprise server will still be within Colo4dallas to enjoy its rock solid network but will be moved to another rack.

    We expect the downtime to be minor and we expect no data loss during the migration. Customers are however, advised to perform a local backup should they find the need in doing so.

    Once again, we apology for any inconveniences caused during this wonderful Friday morning and we strive to ensure that such a problem will not happen again in future. Thank you very much for your understanding and continuous support!


    Michael Foo
    KKHost.Net Founder & Service Consultant
    KK Host Network (1458953-U)


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