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  • US Linux Server Unexpected Downtime

    December 9, 2007 by Michael Foo
  • Dear Valued Customers,
    We regret to inform you that our US Linux server went down for a total of 59 minutes and 29 seconds on the 9th of December 2007 at around 4pm-5pm (GMT+8)

    The downtime was due to our network outage caused by router failure. We apology for any inconveniences caused during this outage.

    For your information, we are very disappointed and dissatisfied by our network provider's performance during this downtime. Hence, we have decided to move to a new network provider, in order to provide a more reliable service to you.

    Please take note that by changing network provider, there will be a change in IPs of our DNS. In other words, there could be slight downtime during the DNS propagation. Fortunately, we have enough experience in migrating from server to server, thus, there is absolutely nothing to do at your end and we will ensure a smooth migration for you.

    We will make an announcement again once we have migrated you to the new server.

    Once again, we apology for any inconveniences caused and we strive to serve you at our best in future.

    Michael Foo
    KKHost.Net Founder & Service Consultant
    KK Host Network (1458953-U)

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