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  • KKHost.Net January 2007 Update

    January 2, 2007 by Michael Foo
  • Dear Valued Customers,


    Successfully Upgraded US Linux Server

              We are proud to inform you that we have successfully upgraded our US Linux server. There was a total downtime of 3 minutes 18 seconds on the 28th December 2006 for our Earth Server to be restarted after the upgrade.


    Singapore Server Ready as Production Server

              In conjunction with the international backbone degradation in performance caused by an earthquake in Taiwan (, we have upgraded our Singapore Server and it is ready as a production server right now.


              For your information, we started the Singapore server last year for testing purpose as we always have the intention to start a server that is near to Malaysia but we chose Singapore due to its better international connectivity. We have monitored its network in the past few months and we are satisfied with its network performance.


    Singapore Shared Hosting Account Available Now!

              We will be offering Singapore Shared Hosting accounts soon, and from now till 31st January 2007, existing customers are entitled to enjoy discounted shared hosting accounts on the Singapore server and the prices are as below:


              SG Basic Linux

              100MB Diskspace

              2GB Bandwidth/mo

              1 Add-on Domain

              Discounted Price: RM144/year

              Retail Price: RM180/year


              SG Advanced Linux

              200MB Diskspace

              4GB Bandwidth/mo

              2 Add-on Domain

              Discounted Price: RM288/year

              Retail Price: RM360/year


              SG Professional Linux

              300MB Diskspace

              6GB Bandwidth/mo

              3 Add-on Domain

              Discounted Price: RM432/year

              Retail Price: RM540/year


              SG Developer Linux

              400MB Diskspace

              8GB Bandwidth/mo

              4 Add-on Domain

              Discounted Price: RM576/year

              Retail Price: RM720/year


    Migrate from our US Shared Hosting to SG Shared Hosting!

              Interested to try our SG Shared Hosting account but you are not ready for a second hosting account? You can transfer your web hosting account from our US server to our SG server for free now!


              We will work out a prorated bill for you, transfer your remaining hosting credit on our US server and adjust your next recurring bill. There is no transfer fee involved, neither you will lose any hosting credit in this transfer!


    Which server is suitable for me?

              Not sure whether you should stay in the US server or SG server? Check out the comparison below:


              US Server:

    -          Suitable for international audience, faster loading speed for your visitors!

    -          Allows your site to be listed in (submission service excluded)

    -          Generous server resources: For the same price (or even cheaper) that you’re paying, you get more Diskspace & Bandwidth!

    -          Rock solid uninterrupted network from Top US ISP: Internap & Level3


    SG Server:

    -          Suitable for visitors from this region

    -          Allows your site to be listed in Google Asia’s server (submission service excluded)

    -          Fast network from Singtel


    Future Development on Singapore Server

              We will be providing Virtual Private Server (VPS) and Reseller Hosting services on the Singapore server in the near future. Kindly email me at if you wish to find out more information about these services.


    KKHost.Net Celebrates Google Page Rank 5!

              I am studying Search Engine Optimization (SEO) during my free time since the past few years and KKHost.Net became the testing area for me to experiment with the techniques and tricks that I have learnt. I am glad to increase KKHost’s PR to 5. PR Check on 2nd January 2007:

  has PageRank 5/10. has PageRank 5/10. has PageRank 6/10. has PageRank 0/10. has PageRank 6/10. has PageRank 7/10. has PageRank 5/10. has PageRank 4/10. has PageRank 6/10.


              Please do email me at if you want me to review your site and provide you with free consultation on SEO or Google Adwords tips. Please take note that this is a free personal service and kindly bear with my response speed as I will only review your web sites when I’m free.



              Thank you very much for supporting KKHost.Net. Happy New Year 2007!



    Michael Foo
    KKHost.Net Founder & Chief Executive Officer
    KK Host Network (1458953-U)

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