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  • KKHost.Net October 2006 Update

    October 14, 2006 by Michael Foo
  • Dear Valued Customers,

    We are pleased to announce the following upgrades performed on our server:


    Customer Account Upgrade

    Linux Basic diskspace from 200MB to 600MB

    Linux Advanced diskspace from 400MB to 800MB

    Linux Professional diskspace from 800MB to 1200MB

    Linux Developer diskspace from 1000MB to 1400MB


    The above upgrade is only available for existing customers. Our retail packages are still having the same resource limit. Bandwidth however remains the same because we do not oversell our server resources.


    We will schedule another FREE account upgrade next month. Our target is to achieve 1GB diskspace for Linux Basic at RM180/year and at the same time maintaining the reliability of our servers. Thus, the upgrade will be performed phase by phase and our server is monitored closely after each upgrade. We expect the retail packages to be upgraded next year to benefit our potential customers.


    Server-wide Antispam and Antivirus solution installed

    We have installed server-wide antispam and antivirus solution last night and within the few hours, our server has successfully blocked 2543 spam emails!


    I would like to take this opportunity to thank our sysadmin, Tris for working for 3 hours on our server, together with me to install, configure and test the spam & virus protection.


    By default the antivirus and antispam are enabled:

    1. Login to cPanel
    2. Click on Server-Wide Spam & Virus Protection
    3. Make sure everything is enabled


    To effectively fight spam, we recommend you to read our Flash Tutorials:


    Yesterday’s Spam Report (13 October 2006)


    ClamAV is our Antivirus and below are a few of our antispam technologies used:

    -          Vipul’s Razor:

    -          DCC:

    -          SARE (updated weekly):

    -          Sender Email Verification (custom script by our sysadmin Tris)

    -          Spoof Email Detection (custom script by our sysadmin Tris)


    More effective antispam solution COMING SOON!

    For your information, the antispam and antivirus solutions are resource intensive as every incoming email will be scanned before it is delivered to your mailbox. It may not be significant for you, but for your information, our mail server deals with thousands of email per hour. Thus, we will only be carrying out the second phase of antispam that runs on Blacklists, HELO test & RBL after monitoring our server for a period of time.


    Thank you very much for your continuous support and we hope you will enjoy using our hosting services!



    Michael Foo
    KKHost.Net Founder & Chief Executive Officer
    KK Host Network (1458953-U)

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