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  • US Linux Server Migration Postponed

    December 11, 2007 by Michael Foo
  • Dear Valued Customers,
    We regret to inform you that we have to postpone the US Linux Server migration to the following date & time:
    Friday 14th December 2007
    Time: 11pm onwards

    For your information, we attempted to migrate all our hosted websites to the new server, according to the previous migration schedule (10th December 2007) but unfortunately it took us a much longer time than expected --- more than 6 hours instead of 2 hours. We have migrated majority of the websites by 11th December 2007 at 7am but there were a few larger web sites, which files were corrupted.

    Fortunately, we have identified and kept a list of websites which gave us problem in the migration. We are now scheduling the migration as per the date above and transfer these websites manually instead of automating the process with our migration script.

    We apology for the delay!

    Michael Foo
    KKHost.Net Founder & Service Consultant
    KK Host Network (1458953-U)

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